Wingster Network Enterprises

Wingster Network Enterprises

.Welcome to - the gateway to Adam's Random & Professional Projects

Physics, writing, random forays into microbiology! A bunch of books written long ago! And a silly PC quasi-company started in the midst of the pandemic! Plus some audio scrubbing for a badass new scuba-related, exploring show.

Ever since I was a kid, I've loved science, storytelling, and public engagement. I've probed the greatest mysteries of the universe while putting my skills to use writing a chapter on bacteria identification. I've had the pleasure of invading 7th-Grade classrooms for a few days each year and giving them a look at radioactive decay. I've got to pack a room at a silly convention to ramble about the physics of cartoons, and I loved every second of it.

These career and miscellaneous interests have forged friendships, fostered collaborations, diagnosed over 28000 clinical cases, and produced nearly a million words of fiction materials. Now cradled beneath the umbrella of Wingster Network Enterprises, I can more effectively share these pursuits-and perhaps create entirely new opportunities.

If you've made your way here, then you probably know me, but if you don't, then welcome to Adam Schreckenberger's random corner of the internet. I hope you enjoy your stay, find something useful, or—at the very least—get some amusement injected into your day. The Circles of Wing, the facets of my life are here on display—as subsidiaries of the Wingster Network Enterprises Company. ;)

To be a little serious, here's a brief breakdown of the linking structure that you can find in the sidebar, Center For eXperimental Things Menu: — links to my LinkedIn page
A.P. Schreckenberger Publications — houses fictional works produced during my undergraduate/graduate years, the Anything Goes Writing Contest, and links to an arXiv archive of my professional physics publications
Physics with Wing — my center for physics outreach!
PSCHRECK.COM — my late father's microbiology homepage and the home of my online bacteria identification tools
WingPC — computers need to be built, gamers!
Zero Mech Engineering — speaking of gamers, have some MechWarrior history!

Also, please check out's YouTube Channel to watch episodes of Let's Go Explore, a dabbin' new show about scuba diving and underwater exploration. I personally know most of the crew, and the team has a tremendous outreach mission to bring a different kind of science to eager learners. WingPC might have helped with setting up some hardware and hurling AI at .wav files.