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.The Paul Schreckenberger, Ph.D. Memorial Fund

Established in 2017, this fund for Loyola’s Department of Pathology continues Dr. Schreckenberger’s legacy in supporting the group that captured his scientific spirit for years. These monetary assets will help support the greatest needs of the department, which include the advancement of medical laboratory scientists and technicians through education, training, and sustained research and development. Resources for this fund originate from contributions and bequests from generous colleagues, friends, family, industry partners, professional societies, and donors who honor or memorialize loved ones.

The webpage for the fund can be found at LUC Legacy Fund.
To direct any donation to the Schreckenberger Memorial Fund, the department asks that donors notate their contibution in memory of Paul Schreckenberger. This action can be found in the HONOR AND MEMORY GIFTS section of the linked page – located beneath the area where donors enter their personal information.